Lap-band Hypnosis Weight Loss Program by Master Hypnotist Christopher Harris!


These days crash diets and workout programs are all over T.V., but these “insane” programs yelling at you through the television screen are all missing something: They aren’t healthy or permanent ways to lose weight….

The thing is, every doctor will tell you the same thing – All you have to do to lose weight is Eat Less and Move More, but if it’s so “easy”, why is obesity such an epidemic here in the United States? The reason is because there is a mental and emotional component to food, exercise, and body image. So even though that new weight loss supplement, work-out DVD, or fad diet is screaming through the television that you can “LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 10 DAYS!” (or something along those lines), the truth is that they aren’t addressing our mental and emotional relationship to food and self-image!

Think about it like this: If you are driving down the street and your car has a half-tank of gas, it doesn’t automatically turn the “low fuel” light on when you drive by a gas station! But we do this everyday when we pass by fast-food restaurants, bakeries, or certain aisles in the grocery store. Our minds tell us we are hungry even though we still have fuel! This is because your Subconscious Mind and the programming inside of you….

Your Subconscious Mind totals more than 88% of your total brain power – And the “Conscious Mind” (the part of your mind you think of as you) that contains your logic, reasoning, analysis, decision making abilities, and willpower (the one that never works when you want it to) only totals at most 10%-12% of your total brain power! So when there is a conflict between the Conscious Mind (12%) and Subconscious Mind (88%) the Subconscious wins because it is bigger! This is why Hypnosis is such an effective tool: Because we can work with the programming you have deep inside your Subconscious Mind! People try to make changes in their lives all the time, and some people can actually succeed at changing the way they live, but sadly most people stay the same most of the time. We just keep making those same New Years Resolutions year after year after year. Most people might start a workout program or diet, but within a few months at most they have given up and are back to doing things the way they were doing it before. And these “LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 10 DAYS” programs are very happy to keep taking your money! But Hypnosis can offer something these “Insane” diets never can: Healthy Permanent Weight Loss! I can help you reprogram your Subconscious Mind so that you are the one in control! You can stick to the diet and exercise program if you have hypnosis backing you up!

So if you are ready to take the first step to a new life feel free to pick up the phone and give me a call at 424-27-THINK (424-278-4465) today! I am a Certified Weight Loss Hypnosis Specialist and I stand behind my program – I tried it myself and lost 30 pounds in about 3 months – so I know you can do it too! Remember: Change is inevitable, but growth is an option – I hope to meet you soon! Call today and take advantage of a free telephone consultation. I will be happy to answer any questions you have! 

*Note: Clients wishing to lose more than 25-30 pounds require a written referral from a licensed medical healthcare provider (California Business and Professions Code 2908)




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