Free Hypnosis Class for Actors Every Sunday at 3:30

Free Acting Class Los Angeles
Free Hypnosis Class for Acting Success Each Sunday Afternoon at 3:30 pm
To Join Just Call 712-432-3900 and enter access code 644549. That’s it!

What makes a person successful or not successful in “the business”? 

*Is it good looks? There are plenty of “ugly” actors that make good money are there not? 
*Is it your age? There are old actors, young-adult actors, middle-aged actors, child actors and more right? 
*Is it having the right body? Did Chris Farley have the right body? There are thin actors and heavy actors in movies and on TV every day… 

The fact is, that even though there are many reasons a person might *think* they are meant to struggle, this does not have to be the case. People make a living in the entertainment industry every day – Why not you? If it is your dream it is what you are meant to do. Period. This class is free because I believe that every person deserves to follow their dreams and working with amazing clients in the industry has given me so much – I’d like to pay it forward. This class is my gift to you, you can also tell a friend to join if you like. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring human phenomenon and you go into hypnosis already multiple times every single day, it’s just that we usually don’t know when we do it. Why not make use of this powerful ability that you are already doing? Hypnosis is perfectly safe: You don’t go to sleep, you don’t lose control and you are aware of everything happening around you at all times. You can talk, laugh, open your eyes, even end the session at any time. I have worked with actors, comedians, reporters, musicians, producers, cameramen and many others in Los Angeles. One-on-one sessions are also available at my Tarzana, CA office location or via skype and telephone.

First Class Starts Tomorrow May 18th!

Chris Harris The Hypnotist Coach

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